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engaged dec 07

Hello, RV Bloggers! I am excited to consider myself and my husband, a part of the world of RV nomaders. I am in my last months of nursing school right now. Our dream is for me to do travel nursing as we enjoy our life and love on the road. We live in Phoenix, AZ right now and we love it here but there is so much out there to partake of. We have been married 2 yrs and have a 5 month old puppy and a big, white cat. We aren’t ready to settle down anywhere in particular right now so we just want to live lightly and travel often! We have been so inspired by the blogs of other nomads. You all have no idea the influence and inspiration you have had on us. We can’t wait to get some wheels and begin our adventure!

Until then, we are busy researching and dreaming. We aren’t sure exactlywhat our adventure is going to look like so we are considering every different type of RV and travel situation. We’ve drooled at the house on wheels 5th wheels and asked “Is this too much?”. We’ve counted our pennies when considering an Airstream. “Do we have enough?”.  We’ve sat inside class B/C  and wondered “Is this enough room?”  We just don’t know right now and that’s quite okay. RV shopping has become our new favorite hobby. In the mean time, I’m having all these new thoughts like..the house is too big, we have too much stuff, I don’t see anything I want or need when I go shopping, do we really need 6 spoons for the 2 of us?  It’s liberating to be free of the compulsion to collect stuff. I highly recommend it!

My plan for this blog is to add pics of RV’s that we are considering and documenting our thought process. We’ve been researching for many months so I have some catching up to do.


So few things bring back that child-like feeling of excitement.  Dreaming of Love on the Road, makes my tummy flip with excitement everytime!